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Gallo & Spence Toys

In 2009, with a mix of sadness and excitement, the Spence family made the decision to leave our home of South Africa to begin a new adventure in the United States.  While we'll always love our home country, we wanted a safer place to raise our kids, so we now call Austin, TX home.

We had no idea what we'd do when we  arrived, but we were enthusiastic, somewhat naive and absolutely believed in the American dream. As part of our move, we packed a container filled with virtually everything we owned, including my daughter's toys.  One of her toys was a simple ride on bike that is hugely popular in South Africa. The bike goes back decades and is something my wife and I had growing up. As soon as the container arrived, my daughter hopped onto her little ride on bike and used it to scoot around the neighborhood. To our surprise the reaction from the neighborhood kids was phenomenal. They wanted to ride Megan's bike nonstop (much to her dismay) as there is nothing like it on the market in the United States. Being new here, unemployed and looking for ideas, we decided to make our own version of this little bike here in America.

We designed it from scratch, making vast improvements in aesthetics, usability and quality. Three years later, the Piki Piki Bike was born. It is a total family collaboration between myself, my wife Tamsin, dad John and brother-in-law Frank. Every morning for the past 3 years we've woken up eating and breathing the Piki Piki Bike, and we're so proud to have it available now. 

The product is also designed, manufactured and assembled right here in central Texas, something we're extremely happy about. We owe a huge thank you to everyone who has joined us on this awesome journey, and we hope that you'll continue to be a part of the story.

Brett Spence
Managing Partner

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