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Piki Piki Bike

As a father of three children, I'm always looking for new and interesting toys for my kids. Perhaps most importantly I'm looking for ones that will last. Toys that encourage imagination and that will grow with them. Not the "check mark" toys as I like to call them. The ones that
  • Claim to be educational (though are so boring no child will play with them)
  •  Have flashing lights and sounds that attract attention in the store, but do nothing more than irritate parents when they get home
  • Are a character from the latest TV fad that will be forgotten in three weeks
A good example of a great toy in my opinion, is a ball. Kids play with balls from 6 months all the way to 18 years. They encourage physical activity, they encourage imagination as the kids are always figuring out new games to play with the balls, and they help develop coordination. Another great toy for kids of all ages is a ride on toy. All kids, boy and girls of all ages love riding around on something. Just do an Amazon search for Toddler Ride On for example and you'll get 1,701 products. So why make yet another ride on when there are already so many available? Well, lets take a look at my criteria based on a 2 year old. I wanted something that
  • would last him at least until the age of 5
  • did not have pedals, as toddlers are not always very good at pedals
  • was not electric or propelled
  • was not a balance bike. I want to get my child a toy, not a tool for learning how to ride a bike
  • is steerable

Based on all my criteria, I was unable to find a match, and that's why we made the Piki PIki Bike! It's a fun, long lasting, steerable, push powered ride on for children aged 18 months to 5 years. I believe the Piki Piki Bike bridges the gap perfectly between those really small baby ride ons and a balance bike or bicycle. Bridging the Gap

My kids (even my 7 year old) absolutely love their Piki Piki Bikes for all the reasons I mentioned above and I believe yours will too! No gimmicks, just good clean fun on three wheels!  

Brett Spence Managing Partner

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