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Spence Family

When we arrived in The United States from South Africa many years ago, we brought along our daughter's favorite ride-on which coincidently was a favourite of my husband's and mine growing up as well. After observing her interaction with other children and the way they all took turns in jumping on her bike and just riding and having so much fun, we decided to design and manufacture our own. Improving on the design and added safety features the The Piki Piki Bike was born which is now widely available. Piki Piki means "Motorbike" in Swahili.

To contribute and add value to the play time of our children and their friends (and ultimately all children in the USA), we developed the Piki Piki Bike which is now widely available.

As the parents of young children ourselves, we know the importance of safe, quality products that can take a beating and still be passed down from one sibling to the next.

As a fan of our new home, we make all of our products with love and care right here in the USA.

At Gallo and Spence Toys, our passion is for creating products that offer children the independence to just pick up and play. When it comes to bikes and toys that build confidence and an adventurous spirit, we say "start them young for years of fun".